Fleetview :: Get83


Yesterday I went out photographing with a friend of mine who visited me here in Hamburg. That was an amazing day, besides of buying a new suit for me and shoes for her ;-) we managed to take many shots. And many of them with potential. In fact, since long I haven't made such good shots here in Hamburg. So for the next days, I will show a few of them I think which are worthy. This shot was made, because I thought that cloud above this building looked funny as it seemed to come out of that ceiling. Maybe without this cloud that shot would looks better, maybe not. That cloud is the prime reason for this picture, so I leave it there. Hope you enjoy it.

Captured:2008-02-25 17:28:02
Camera:DYNAX 5D
Exposure:1/160 sec
Aperture:f 10
Focal Length:10 mm
Flash:Flash: Not Fired