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Trinity tunneled

Trinity tunneled

On the airport before departing to my ireland trip in some stupidity I dropped my Bag. Like bread falls on its buttered side, my bag crashed on the side with my camera. No it was no camerabag and yes my camera was mounted with my favourite lens of course. About five hundred euro value were suddenly reduced to nothing. Not nothing, It still can be used in manual mode to make some effect shots like this one. Because the axis of that lens has twisted a little bit, it seems that it can not be accurately focused on an image plane. Tomorrow I will send it in to Sigma, and hopefully it can be repaired...

Captured:2008-06-07 12:15:48
Camera:DYNAX 5D
Exposure:1/640 sec
Aperture:f 9
Focal Length:15 mm
Flash:Flash: Not Fired